X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #25

The Mutant Problem, Part 2

X-Factor intervenes at an anti-mutant rally being attacked by Sabretooth. The Right shows up again to fight off Sabretooth and Warren Worthington III, who arrived on the scene before his comrades and was taken as an attacker by the anti-mutant mob. Scott Summers and Kitty Pryde help defend mutant school children from the mob and force it to disperse, while Hank McCoy and Warren focus on the Right, who try to escape with a comatose Sabretooth.

When they return to X-Factor headquarters, the building explodes. Frank Castle and the Right infiltrated the building while they were gone as AC repairmen, rigged the building with explosives and a device that electrified the building’s skeleton, which disabled Kitty Pryde’s ability to walk through walls. Captain America (Steve Rogers) joined the fight. Warren convinced Frank to give up his war on mutants. But the X-Factor Headquarters was destroyed.

Captain America recruited Frank to join the Avengers as a sniper with the codename “Hawkeye.” X-Factor organized a massive rally with speakers including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali, and John Sinclair, sparking a grassroots pro-mutant movement to match the growing anti-mutant sentiment.



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