X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #24

The Mutant Problem, Part 1

Frank Castle makes his first appearance as the Punisher after his family was killed by the Juggernaut. Having already sealed the Juggernaut in a block of adamantium, he begins his war against the X-Men, blaming them for not destroying the Juggernaut when they had the chance. He begins by torching Bobby Drake with a jet engine and sends a tape of it to X-Factor. Scott Summers recognizes it from his file on how to kill each member of the team should they go rogue, which he finds Punisher has stolen. Hank McCoy, realizing that Bobby must transfer his consciousness each time he changes to ice, works with Charles Xavier to form a new body for Bobby’s consciousness to inhabit. Hank reveals that Bobby isn’t really human anymore, and is effectively immortal.

While Scott responds to a letter left by the Punisher inviting him to come die in Alaska, X-Factor is attacked by an armored anti-mutant militia called the Right. Scott manages to survive his encounter with the Punisher, though Frank escapes. Kitty Pryde saves Warren Worthington III when he’s nearly taken by the Right.



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