X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #3

The X Offensive, Part 3

Within hours, Quicksilver had disarmed all of the fighters in Saigon, while Magneto turned tanks, jets, and warships into impromptu housing for the people left as refugees by the war. Mastermind created an illusory army to avoid chaos, panic, or intervention by an opportunistic foreign power. As the X-Men move into Saigon, Jean Grey finds that the illusory army refracts her telepathy, keeping her from finding Mastermind directly. Meanwhile, the people will not take back their city while they see this occupying force all around them. District by district, they move to dispel Mastermind’s illusions and try to track him down, finally locating him in the city’s core at Independence Palace.

As the X-Men converge, Quicksilver joins the fight to help Mastermind. They take out both Jean and Bobby, but finally manage to take out Quicksilver. Mastermind runs, and is shot and killed by one of the marines in Cyclops’s fire team, called “Bridge.”

In the Palace, the X-Men face Magneto and Mystique. Unable to hurt him physically or telepathically, Jean and Scott make the moral argument, and manage to get him to relent. Erik walks away, leaving the situation in their hands, but incredulous that they’ll actually be able to make anything better out of it.

Kurt Wagner focused on leading the people of Saigon to rise up against Mastermind’s illusory army. With the various nations involved momentarily sidelined, they have the chance to decide their own destiny. They choose to unite with the north as a single, Communist country.

Jean is contacted telepathically by Charles Xavier that with the situation out of their control, President Lyndon B. Johnson and Premier Leonid Brezhnev each fired a nuclear ICBM at Saigon, choosing to obliterate the city if neither of them could control it. Reaching out to Mystique to enlist Magneto to deal with one of the missiles, within seconds Quicksilver has taken the X-Men to the Tan Son Nhut Air Base, where they commandeer two jets to intercept the remaining ICBM. Jean stops it with her mind and Bobby disables it. Jean drops it in the Pacific Ocean.

Events in Saigon force both the United States and the Soviet Union to withdraw from Vietnam as they consider a greater threat. Half a dozen mutants had just made 13 years of war in Vietnam irrelevant in just a few hours, and they were stopped only because four other mutants decided to stand in their way. The world’s superpowers realize with sudden horror that they have just become irrelevant. “The mutant problem” becomes the number one topic of discussion and debate around the world.


Also, Cyclops got awarded the Silver Star!

Issue #3

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