Hellfire Club

On the surface, the Hellfire Club appears to be a group dedicated simply to providing the rich and powerful with a place to indulge their most hedonistic desires. They maintain clubhouses in most major cities. Club members have access to a concierge who can arrange for whatever pleasures they desire. Members include Anthony Stark, Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Warren Worthington II, and his son, Warren Worthington III.

Of course, you can hardly put the world’s most rich and powerful people in a secret social club without plots and intrigues being hatched. With such wealth and influence among its members, and so much opportunity for blackmail, the Hellfire Club naturally holds enormous sway over world events. The inner circle is divided into the White Court and the Black Court, each with positions named for chess pieces.

Jean Grey discovered the inner workings of the Hellfire Club while probing Emma Frost’s mind. She discovered connections to the Knights Templar, such as the connection of the dualism in their seal to the division of the White and Black Courts, and similarities in the modern club’s hedonistic parties to the accounts of the Templars’ devil-worshipping practices by the Inquisition. She also learned of a person named En Sabah Nur, whom Emma fears and believes is behind the Hellfire Club.

The White Court

White KingWarren Worthington II
White QueenEmma Frost

The Black Court

Black KingSebastian Shaw
Black QueenSelene

Hellfire Club

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