Tag: Hellfire Club


  • Sebastian Shaw

    Sebastian Shaw was born in Pittsburgh, where he grew up and attained his engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He proved a brilliant inventor and businessman, founding Shaw Industries and leading it to become one of the country's most …

  • Theresa Fox

    Theresa Fox appears to be [[:sebastian-shaw | Sebastian Shaw's]] personal assistant, but she appeared to be betraying him when she offered her help to [[:angel | Warren Worthington III]].

  • Emma Frost

    Emma Frost is the headmistress of the Massachusetts Academy, an institute where mutants can find refuge and learn to control their powers, much like the Xavier Institute. She is a telepath, and apparently associated with a group called the Hellfire Club. …

  • Selene

    The Black Queen lived for thousands of years, slowly accumulating wealth and power. She was killed quickly while caught unawares by the X-Men in the catacombs beneath the lost pirate colony of Libertatia, where she had helpe destroy in the 17th century.