X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #15
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Part 2

The Black Panthers suffered a major setback to their revolution with the battle in Harlem. The FBI pressed on, attempting to escalate their campaign to assassinate the party’s leaders. Many noticed, however, that all-out war on the government’s part didn’t seem very different from the situation before. The only difference, many new revolutionaries noted, was that now people were fighting back.

A new team of mutants, calling themselves the Marauders, pledged their support, promising to assassinate J. Edgar Hoover. Rogue and Logan went to the Burton Canyon facility to save him. Kevin Sydney was out infiltrating the Black Panthers, and Sean Cassidy was recovering from his injuries suffered during the battle in Harlem, leaving Carl Westin alone to fight off the Marauders. Despite J. Edgar Hoover’s resistance and Sean’s anger, they couldn’t deny that they needed the help.

The Marauders nearly divided Logan and Rogue enough for Prism to get to J. Edgar Hoover, but Logan recognized the feint in time to stop him. At that very moment, though, Kevin revealed that he’d been in the facility the entire time when he shot J. Edgar Hoover in the back of the head. He took the Director’s appearance, promising to help the X-Men de-escalate the problem with the Black Panthers by taking the Director’s place.

Meanwhile, Warren Worthington III made his move to overthrow his father and take over Worthington Industries, while Hank McCoy infiltrated a secret Worthington Industries facility to learn more about the Sentinel program.

Worthington Industries created giants for the core of the new Sentinel. Such creatures would break under their own weight, so they required the armor created by Shaw Industries to stay alive. Hank discovered that the giants were actually clones of Warren Worthington III. Understanding that the X-gene makes the body psychologically malleable, the clones were subjected to psychological conditioning, including torture and invasive sessions with telepaths, to break their minds and use their self-image to twist them into giants. Worthington Industries was not able to do all of this on their own, however. They contracted Dr. Nathaniel Essex and relied heavily on findings he was able to procure while experimenting on concentration camp prisoners while working with the Nazis in World War II.

After falling from grace, Warren’s father was found dead in his home, burned down with a scent of brimstone. A white king chess piece had been placed in his mouth.

With the FBI de-escalating its campaign against the Black Panthers, Dr. Martin Luther King helped organize a campaign with help from the Xavier Institute. They began with a march in Harlem, into the heart of the violence, to position themselves directly between the Black Panthers and the police. In Oakland and Chicago as well, where the violence had spread, activists and mutants placed themselves bodily between the two sides to bring an end to the fighting. Wakanda opened its borders to black nationalists from the United States, inviting those who yearned for a healthy black community to join them in Africa.

Issue #14
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Part 1

In Harlem, a shoot-out between members of the Black Panther Party and the police ends when Ororo Munroe intervenes on the Black Panthers’ side.

Fearing that the Black Panther Party is a Wakanda-backed fifth column in the United States, and that Wakanda is now supplying them with mutants to take over the country, J. Edgar Hoover offers Logan a complete, unredacted FBI dossier on his past. His efforts to recruit X-Factor to capture Ororo go less well. Meanwhile, Charles Xavier takes an interest, tasking Logan and Rogue to recruit Ororo for the Xavier Institute.

The teams converge at the airport, after discovering that Ororo was heading to Los Angeles to meet with Isaiah Bradley. There, she said that the Black Panthers would demand that Harlem be recognized as an independent, sovereign state. She came to ask if Watts would like to join. Logan, Rogue, Hank McCoy, and Warren considered the plan foolish, and persuaded Isaiah not to back it. When Logan decided to threaten Ororo, however, they saw the full extent of her powers, as her fear unleashed a sudden hurricane.

Back in New York, the teams converged again as J. Edgar Hoover sent in Factor Three to assassinate Ororo. A police raid escalated as the new Mark II Sentinels were unleashed. These new models were giant robots, over four stories tall. Once destroyed, however, they were discovered to have organic components.

Issue #13
Expanding Consciousness, Part 3

The horrific murder of actress Sharon Tate and several of her friends on August 9 shocked the world. The message, “MAGNETO WAS RIGHT,” sprawled on the walls in Tate’s blood convinced most people that this was a terrorist attack by the Mutant Brotherhood. With the recent rupture between the Xavier Institute and X-Factor, it fell to Bobby Drake to track down those responsible. The X-Men tracked down the murderer, who admitted that he was part of the “family” of someone who called himself Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant. The “family” turned out to be a bizarre cult who believed that a war was coming between mutants and ordinary humans, as foretold by the Book of Revelations and the music of the Beatles. Its leader, “the Ultimate Mutant,” turned out to not be a mutant at all, but merely an insane man named Charles Manson, with a face tattoo of the outline of Magneto’s helmet.

The younger X-Men — Kitty Pryde, Clarice Ferguson, and Lorna Dane — asked Bobby if they could go to the Aquarian Exposition going on the next week in Bethel, NY to celebrate. Bobby, feeling the weight of responsibility for the team and not wanting to disappoint, reluctantly agreed.

Meanwhile, Jean Grey was increasingly concerned about the Shadow King. She realized that with half a million young people converging on Bethel, NY with the express intent of opening up their consciousness through music and psychoactive drugs, the music festival was exactly the place where the Shadow King could emerge into the world.

When Charles Xavier realized that Jean was heading to Woodstock, he realized immediately that she was heading towards a confrontation with the Shadow King that she wasn’t prepared for. He took advantage of Bobby and the young X-Men’s presence at the festival by sending them to stop Jean and Scott from reaching the festival.

Wanda Maximoff had reached the same conclusion about the threat the Shadow King posed as Jean, so she and Kurt Wagner were on their way, leading to a stand-off between the X-Men outside Bethel. When Jean seemed implacable, Professor X took control of Lorna to use her powers to drive Jean back, but Wanda cut off Charles’s influence, allowing them to end the conflict.

The X-Men put aside their differences to face the looming threat before them. On Saturday, when the rain began to pour, the crowd’s attempt to push it away by opening their minds and chanting “No rain!” gave the Shadow King his final opening, turning the storm clouds into a menacing skull and lashing out at the crowd with bolts of lightning from his mouth. As he began to take control of the panicking crowd, the X-Men struggled in vain to stop the Shadow King. When he chose Lorna as his mouth-piece, Jean was able to take the X-Men into her mind to face the Shadow King in his own realm.

There, each X-Man faced their own, unique nightmare. Jean realized that she was not ready for this, that none of them were ready to face an enemy like this. It focused on her, intent on snuffing out the Phoenix. She felt its flames in the back of her mind, banging against the wards the Professor had placed to imprison it. In her desperation, she loosed it.

The X-Men were blasted out of the psychic realm, the crowd of festival-goers was freed from the Shadow King’s domination, and Jean Grey was killed as the burning power of the Phoenix escaped from her body, contending with the Shadow King. The two psychic entities appeared above the festival, struggling against one another for a few moments before they both disappeared.

Issue #12
Expanding Consciousness, Part 2

On July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC, Reed Richards became the first human being to set foot on the moon. His private mission, funded by Stark Industries, Shaw Industries, and Worthington Industries, succeeded where both the United States and the Soviet Union had failed and given up, focusing their efforts instead of stopping mutants. Reed was deeply committed to fulfilling President Kennedy’s dream of landing a man on the moon and safely returning him to the earth before the decade was through. When he set foot on the lunar surface, he said some moving words about humanity’s ability to rise above the lines that divide us for scientific achievement. It was the most-watched broadcast in history.

On July 24, the astronauts returned home, splashing down in the Pacific just before dawn local time. The U.S.S. Hornet was supposed to retrieve them, but a terrifying monster arose from the ocean to block the Hornet from reaching the adrift command module. When they saw the news in New York, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Kurt Wagner, and Bobby Drake boarded the Blackbird to come to Richards’ rescue. In their battle with the monster, Jean realized it was the manifestation of a vast, primordial power that had awoken, lashing out without much thought. The X-Men succeeded in defeating the monster and recovering the command module.

Shortly thereafter, however, another bizarre creature arrived, calling himself the Silver Surfer, the herald of a being he called “Galactus,” who demanded the stones that the astronauts had brought back from the earth. According to the Silver Surfer, Galactus was the sentient core of a primordial planet that had nearly destroyed the earth. Instead, its core was now lodged within the earth’s crust, like a bullet next to the brain, while the debris from the primordial earth and itself had formed the moon. That is why it had begun to stir; it had felt the return of some of its “bones.”

However, Jean realized that the Silver Surfer did not relish serving as the herald for such a hateful, evil creature as Galactus, and convinced him to defy his master. The Silver Surfer recognized Jean as the only power he had ever encountered that could possibly stand up to his master.

Back at the Xavier Institute, discussing these developments, the Surfer casually asked Charles Xavier why he had hidden “the Phoenix” away from Jean in front of his students. Hearing this for the first time, Scott demanded answers. Professor Xavier reminded Jean of when she was a child and her best friend was killed in a car accident. Xavier had hidden away the memory of how her psychic powers had erupted then, nearly destroying her hometown of Red Hook, New York. Xavier claims that Jean begged her to help her control her power, and that he did so by locking it away in her mind along with the memories of her consent. Outraged both on Jean’s behalf and at such deception, Scott stormed out. Jean followed, and together with Hank McCoy, they left the Xavier Institute for X-Factor, the non-profit that Warren Worthington III and Scott had recently formed together.

Issue #11
Expanding Consciousness, Part 1

At 1:20 AM on Saturday, June 28, 1969, the NYPD raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. One of the men there was an extraordinarily discreet homosexual named James Cochran. He had practiced hiding his true self throughout his life, earning him the nickname “Low-Key” by the few who knew him. As the police lined up the people there, James’ terror of not just being arrested but being discovered became overwhelming, and enough for the Norse trickster god Loki to seize control of him, obliterating James’ psyche in the process of his rebirth. Loki took on the appearance of “a typical New York butch,” who, after being bashed in the head by cops for complaining that her handcuffs were too tight, shouted to the crowd, “Why don’t you guys do something?” as police picked her up and heaved her into the back of the wagon. The crowd responded by exploding into a riot. Loki reappeared among them, inspiring them to form a kick-line to stand against the Tactical Police Force and lay siege to the police now trapped inside the inn.

Loki’s rebirth sent a psychic shockwave that all the X-Men could feel, but Jean Grey most of all. When Professor X tried to use Cerebro to locate the disturbance, the sheer power of it blasted him into unconsciousness. Jean was able to recover him from where he was lost in a psychic wasteland that, they later realized, matched the Norse legends of Jötunheimr, the home of the frost giants. News reports about the Stonewall Riots gave the X-Men their first lead on where to locate this power.

They encountered Loki in Christopher Park, where the people gathered and acclaimed him the hero of the hour. The X-Men attacked him and managed to drive him off, but they also realized there was nothing they could do to really stop him. Scott contacted the Professor, who told them to return to the mansion at once. Scott asked why. The Professor explained that this man really is the Norse god Loki, with psychic potential unlimited by a mere human mind but drawing upon the collective unconscious of the entire human race. The X-Men will need an ally on his level. Fortunately, there’s a sign of one such entity in Norway, which they must make contact with and recruit to their side immediately. Exasperated, the Professor added that time is of the essence, so he needs Scott to follow orders and not waste time forcing him to explain every detail to him.

The X-Men took the Blackbird to the Scandes, along the border between Norway and Sweden. There they found a city built on a carved-out mountain hovering in the air, and the god who built it, Thor. Thor was quite willing to join battle against Loki, perhaps even too eager, as he said that only those whom the Norns ordained would perish when the two gods battled in Manhattan. The X-Men drew them away to the New Paltz Wine Festival to do battle. In the meantime, Loki had given super powers to one of the street kids, called Carl “Crusher” Creel, and tasked him with keeping the X-Men out of his hair. They succeeded in getting him to turn into snow, which Kurt scattered. Thor defeated Loki and took him back with him to Asgard.

The police, humiliated to be not only defeated in a street battle but defeated by homosexuals, intended to make a violent show of domination in Christopher Park, so the X-Men raced back to Greenwich Village to stop a violent confrontation. The police called in a squad of Sentinels to stop them, but the X-Men succeeded in defeating them and keeping the police away from the protesters. As the rain began to fall, they realized that there would be a few days for people to cool off, hopefully averting any further violence.

That night, Jean was contacted telepathically by Jason Wyngarde, who revealed that he had escaped death by throwing his mind into someone else’s body. He told her of a powerful entity called the Shadow King which had begun to awaken, warning that many other psychic entities, like the Norse gods, fled before it into the physical realm. He told Jean that she could defeat it, but only if she were willing to “open the door” in her mind and tap into her full psychic potential, however much it might terrify her.

Issue #10
Registration Day, Part 2

The Mutant Registration Act caused many mutants to leave the United States, and many of them fled to Madagascar, where Erik Lehnsherr had become President Philibert Tsiranana’s chief economic advisor. By inviting mutants into the country and allowing them to use their powers, Madagascar’s economy had improved dramatically in just a few short months. In turn, the island nation promised mutants a haven safe from persecution, where they could live and work freely.

However, Henry Kissinger pressured the incoming president, Richard Nixon, to demand the extradition of fugitive mutants from Madagascar. There was significant saber-rattling and threats of invasion, with pressure on [[S.H.I.E.L.D. | S.H.I.E.L.D.]] to lead the way.

Logan awoke from his defeat at the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation aboard Sebastian Shaw’s private ship bound for Madagascar. He told Logan that he was known as James Howlett before the Weapon X program, and that he entered the program specifically to have his memories destroyed so that he would no longer remember the terrible things he had done. Shaw says that when he made that decision, he had been in his employ for a job to kill a rival mutant in the Hellfire Club called Selene. He played on Logan’s sense of duty to fulfill the mission he’d left undone, but ultimately he was motivated more by the fact that he’d heard some dangerous things about Selene and concluded that she should be dealt with even if it happened to help Shaw as well.

Rogue, Beast, Iceman, Blink, and Kitty Pryde arrived in Madagascar looking for Wolverine. They got together and hatched their plan to stop Selene. They learned that she was in the ruins of Libertatia, the site of a fabled anarchist colony founded by pirates in the 17th century. Selene led the effort to crush the colony centuries ago, and had turned the catacombs beneath it into a base of operations. They knew that Selene kept thralls with her at all times so that she could consume their life force to power herself in an emergency, so they relied on Blink and Kitty to remove one each, leaving Selene defenseless for one moment. It proved to be enough: in a lightning-fast attack, they succeeded in killing Selene, a powerful mutant who had terrorized the world for millennia, through teamwork, intel, and planning.

They discovered Mortimer Toynbee deeper in the catacombs, where Selene was torturing him for information about Magneto. The Black Court was behind the efforts to have Madagascar invaded, in order to stop Magneto and the trouble he was causing for the Hellfire Club’s efforts to rule the world quietly from behind the scenes. Mortimer was a bit surprised that the X-Men treated him with any kindness or regard, and asked if they would help defend Madagascar.

The X-Men arranged a meeting with Erik and urged him to save Madagascar by turning himself over to the United States. Erik didn’t believe it would do any good, but he agreed to risk his life on their plan, if they would agree to risk their own lives on his if he was proven right and his surrender did not avert the invasion.

When Erik handed himself over, it seemed that he might have been proven correct, as the drums of war continued to beat. Realizing that it was the Hellfire Club driving this, the X-Men went to Emma Frost and arranged another deal. Emma agreed to end the talk of war, but in return she asked for their help in rooting out the power she feared lurking behind the Club, another ancient mutant known only as En Sabah Nur.

Issue #9
Registration Day, Part 1

The Mutant Registration Act required all mutants in the United States to register with the new Department of Mutant Affairs by December 31, 1968. So at midnight, a mad rush began as the DMA, the Massachusetts Academy, and the X-Men raced to pick up fugitive mutants.

Jenny Jump State Park, NJ

Cerebro discovered a mutant hiding in a cave in Jenny Jump State Park. Rogue, Wolverine, Iceman, and Beast discovered Calvin Rankin there. Calvin absorbed their powers and used them to try to keep them away. Calvin’s power also absorbs memories, feelings, and bits of personality, leaving him in doubt of who he was. He had retreated to this cave to live as a hermit. Rogue was able to take his power away long enough to give him a moment of peace and clarity, long enough for the X-Men to convince him that Professor X could help him.

The Everglades, FL

The X-Men find DMA patrols and Sentinels searching the Everglades, but manage to find their target, Clarice Ferguson, first. They manage to convince Clarice to join them, narrowly avoiding a confrontation with the DMA and their Sentinels in the process.

Deerfield, IL

The X-Men arrive at the Lyman Wilmot house in Deerfield, Illinois, once used by the Underground Railroad, and now the haunt of a young mutant named Kitty Pryde with the power to walk through walls. They find Emma Frost already there to court her for the Massachusetts Academy. Both schools make their case, but Kitty chooses the Xavier Institute, swayed by the revelation that they have computers there from IBM, though she tells Beast as they board the Blackbird that she was also unnerved by the way Frost looked at her as if she were “something good to eat.”

Burton Canyon, CO

Cerebro discovers two mutants living in an underground bunker in Burton Canyon, CO. There the X-Men find a rather elaborate base. It’s used by Kevin Sydney, Sean Cassidy, and Carl Westin, a.k.a., Changeling, Banshee, and Ogre, a team designated “Factor Three.” They claim that the X-Men were originally a mutant counter-revolutionary team assembled by J. Edgar Hoover, but that Professor X “went rogue.” He then formed Factor Three to replace them. Realizing these unregistered mutants will not be hunted by the DMA and that they have little interest in joining the Xavier Institute, the X-Men leave them behind, albeit with questions for their professor.

San Francisco, CA

The X-Men split up. Beast and Iceman head to California after a fugitive mutant moving around downtown San Francisco, while Rogue and Wolverine head to Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in southern Montana. In San Francisco, Beast and Iceman discover a hippie called Polaris, who exhibits powers familiar to Magneto’s. Her friends invite them in and offer them some acid. Beast declines, and so is the only one entirely aware when the apartment is surrounded by DMA agents and Sentinels. Iceman shakes off his high in the midst of the pursuit. There is a tumultuous chase through the streets of San Francisco, but in an impressive display of his powers Iceman freezes much of the city’s sewer system as they escape below ground.

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation

On the reservation, Wolverine and Rogue find Jonathan Silver Cloud, a recently returned veteran of the Vietnam War who lost an arm and a leg in combat. They find him passed out, having taken some heroin before they arrived. While waiting for him to awaken, Emma Frost arrives with her Hellions. James Proudstar is particularly angry that the X-Men are approaching a fellow Indian, and being a vengeful person with a vendetta against Wolverine anyway, wastes no time in attacking him. Inside the trailer in a one-on-one fight Wolverine is able to defeat Proudstar. However, outside, Rogue must face Emma and all of her Hellions at once. Where Proudstar blindly rages after his vengeance, the Hellions fight smart, carefully staying out of Rogue’s reach until Emma can reach into her mind and pull forth all the pain, confusion, and doubt from anyone she’s ever touched. With Rogue passed out from the psychic onslaught, Wolverine emerges to face the Hellions. Learning from last time that she has little chance of affecting Wolverine with her telepathy, she instead focuses on amplifying her students’ power, helping Jetstream line up two perfect plasma blasts in a row, finally taking Wolverine down.

Issue #8
Though the Heavens May Fall, Part 2

Warren Worthington III and Charles Xavier assemble an elite legal team to defend the X-Men, consisting of Gabrielle Haller, William Kunstler, Roy Cohn, and Jennifer Walters. They make a persuasive case that the X-Men did their civic duty by intervening in an emergency to help their fellow citizens. The jury is persuaded and finds the X-Men not guilty on all charges, but in the process the case sets a precedent in favor of vigilante justice.

During the trial, the prosecution called Charles Xavier to the stand as an expert on mutant relations, but in the course of their examination they revealed that Marcus Xavier is Charles’s twin brother. Where Charles’ mutation gave him the world’s most powerful mind, Marcus has the world’s most powerful body. The defense intervened to stop Charles’ testimony on national security grounds. Realizing how powerful his brother could be, Charles used his telepathy to turn Marcus’s potential into a character from one of his old comic books, a god called Cyttorak. By convincing Marcus that he was the avatar of Cyttorak, he managed to convince him that he really only had a small portion of his real power, and even convinced him to externalize his invulnerability in the form of a suit of armor that could be removed.

With the trial won, Charles introduced the X-Men to the Blackbird. They set out to engage the Juggernaut again, this time with knowledge of their enemy and a plan of attack. Cyclops, Rogue, Iceman, and Nightcrawler moved in with a concerted plan and managed to remove the Juggernaut’s helmet before he even had a chance to react. As soon as the helmet was off, Charles used his telepathy to send Marcus’s mind inward. Marcus now believes he is trapped inside Cyttorak’s Red Dimension.

Issue #7
Though the Heavens May Fall, Part 1

Fiat justitia, ruat caelum.
“Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.”

The United States finished construction of the Raft, a facility in the Riker’s Island prison complex for housing mutant inmates, just a few months before the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D., which took over its operation. The prison takes inspiration from USP Marion, including extensive use of solitary confinement, a rigorous pharmaceutical regimen, and an intense behavioral modification program. With nowhere else to secure them, the government hands Warren Worthington III, Kurt Wagner, and Jean Grey over to S.H.I.E.L.D. to be kept there. Once they pass through the “induction” process — a psychological conditioning routine intended to break down their sense of self to make them safer to deal with — they discover Havok, Scott Summers’ younger brother, who has turned himself in for fear that he might hurt people.

They discover that the Mutant Brotherhood operates inside the Raft as a prison gang. Azazel claims that he was intentionally captured so that he could coordinate efforts from within the Raft when Magneto arrived to break them out. Warren trades information about the breakout to Warden “Dum Dum” Dugan in exchange for a live interview with the press. They discover that Magneto plans to use the ICBM he stopped from striking Saigon to hold New York City hostage, demanding the release of the prisoners from the Raft. The X-Men enlist the aid of Warden Dugan and S.H.I.E.L.D. and contact the Professor telepathically. While the rest of the X-Men stop Magneto and S.H.I.E.L.D. fights off the members of the Brotherhood attacking the prison, Angel, Nightcrawler, Jean, and Havok quell the prison riot inside by defeating Azazel, Pyro, and the Blob.

Walter Cronkite interviews Warren from inside the Raft: with the looming trial for the events in Memphis and the rescue of New York City, it is a major media sensation. Public opinion turns against the way mutants are held on the Raft. S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury meets with the X-Men to discuss viable alternatives, convincing them to work on mutant control measures so that they can avoid the sorts of practices currently being employed on the Raft.

Issue #6
Pain Which Cannot Forget, Part 3

The X-Men engineer a traffic jam so that Kurt Wagner can abduct Emma Frost on her way to a fundraiser breakfast for the Nixon campaign at the Peabody Hotel, while Warren Worthington III and Jean Grey pay Anthony Stark an obnoxiously early morning visit. They eventually convince him to look into what Sebastian Shaw is up to with the Sentinel program.

In the sewers, the X-Men meet up again with the captive Emma Frost. Jean probes her mind, finding the identities of the ten remaining assassins, as well as information about the Hellfire Club and the figure known as “En Sabah Nur” that she fears lurks behind it, and how the Frost Foundation rose to power by her use of telepathy to blackmail rich men with dark secrets. The X-Men tell her that if she tries this again, they’ll contact the people she’s blackmailed who, though afraid to act individually, would gladly crush her together.

At 9:00 AM, the X-Men encounter the Juggernaut tearing through traffic in downtown Memphis. They quickly piece together that Shaw has paid him to create a disturbance that will draw in the X-Men and give the Sentinel an excuse to apprehend them all. Realizing they cannot defeat the Juggernaut physically, they instead taunt him to fight back against the Sentinel, which he does, nearly killing him. The battle lays waste to much of downtown Memphis, with over 100 fatalities, thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars in property damage. Kurt and Warren work together to save the officer in the armor, and then give themselves up to the police. Jean meets with Charles Xavier to find the assassins still out there and disable their telepathic conditioning. Then Jean gives herself up to the police as well.

Tony discovers that Sebastian Shaw has disabled his kill-switch on the Sentinels — that his chief rival used this situation to steal some of his most closely-guarded technology.

Warren’s lawyer tells him about Erik Lehnsherr’s efforts to bring mutants to Madagascar to use their powers to build up the economy. He suggests that many of those mutants may be willing to come help repair the damage in Memphis.

That night the destruction in Memphis is the top national story. The United Nations announces the formation of [[S.H.I.E.L.D. | S.H.I.E.L.D.]], with both the U.S. and the USSR pledging half their military budgets to its mission to stop rogue mutants and police the mutant population, to prevent incidents like those in Saigon and Memphis. Tony says that this is the wrong approach — mutants are our friends, family, and neighbors. We can’t treat them like the enemy. They simply suffer from a disease, and diseases can be cured. He announces that he’s working with Worthington Pharmaceuticals to develop a cure for the X-Gene mutation.

Warren is approached by a scientist named Reed Richards while in jail. He’s seeking support from several industrialists like Warren, including Tony Stark and Sebastian Shaw. With the end of the Cold War, President Kennedy’s dream of putting a man on the moon and safely returning him to the earth before the decade is out seems in greater peril than ever. He feels that if government cannot do it, then the private sector must step in to ensure that the dream is realized. Warren agrees to back the mission.

Logan arrives in Antananarivo looking for information about “En Sabah Nur.”


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