Shadow King

Son of the First Nightmare



  • Son of the First Nightmare
  • Boastful
  • Patient

Psychic Entity

  • d12 Psychic Realm Mastery
  • d12 Mind Control
  • d10 Telepathy
  • SFX:Possession. The Shadow King may spend a doom die to possess a target who is mentally or emotionally stressed out. The die spent must be larger that the target’s solo affiliation die. When the Shadow King takes action, he may act as himself or as the possessed character. If the target is no longer mentally or emotionally stressed out, he or she may take action against the doom pool on their turn to escape the Shadow King’s control.
  • SFX:Suggestion. Enemies can’t trust their own perceptions. The Shadow King may activate an opportunity to reduce a target’s effect die for each opportunity they have rolled in that same action.
  • SFX:Psychic Entity. The Shadow King has no physical body, is immune to physical stress, and cannot shift stress to a host body’s physical stress (if he has one).
  • SFX:Psychic Landscape. In a psychic realm, the Shadow King can alter the landscape to suit his whims. Apart from changing the narrative description, he may create or remove one scene distinction.
  • SFX:Psychic Constructs. The Shadow King may step up his effect die when creating or attacking assets or complications in a psychic realm.


  • d12 Menace Grandmaster
  • d10 Psych Master

Shadow King

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