Loki Laufeysson

God of Mischief



  • God of Mischief
  • Lord of Lies
  • Arrogant Trickster

Frost Giant Blood

  • d10 Superhuman Durability
  • d10 Superhuman Strength
  • d8 Enhanced Reflexes
  • SFX:Regeneration. Spend a D6 from the doom pool to recover physical stress and step back physical trauma by -1.
  • Limit:Exhausted. Shut down any Frost Giant Blood power to add a D6 to the doom pool. Recover the power by activating an opportunity.

Asgardian Trickster

  • d12 Shapeshifting
  • d12 Mind Control
  • d8 Subsonic Flight
  • SFX:Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add d6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX:God of Mischief. When using Asgardian powers to create an asset intended to deceive someone, add a D6 to your dice pool and step up the effect die by +1.
  • SFX:Dark Bindings. When creating a complication using Mind Control, step up the effect die by +1.
  • SFX:Beguiling Image. When another character makes an attack against you and you use Shapeshifting to react, remove the largest die from their pool.
  • Limit:Arrogance. Add a D6 to the doom pool and step up emotional stress by +1 from opponents proving their superiority over you.


  • d12 Psych Grandmaster
  • d10 Menace Master

As mutants became more common across the globe, so too did telepaths and psychics like Charles Xavier and Jean Grey. Their existence began to stir ancient archetypes in the collective unconscious in 1969 like the Norse gods of Asgard, who began to take form and emerge through the minds of telepaths and even normal Homo sapiens with certain sensitivities.

One such man was named James Cochran, a closeted and very discreet homosexual in New York City. He had practiced at hiding his true self throughout his life, earning him the nickname “Low-Key” by the few who knew him. At 1:20 AM on Saturday, June 28, 1969, the NYPD raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. As the police lined up the people there, James’ terror of not just being arrested but being discovered became overwhelming, and enough for the Norse trickster god Loki to seize control, obliterating James’ psyche in the process of his rebirth. Loki seized control of the situation, sparking a riot against the police and inspiring the homosexuals of Christopher Street to outright rebellion, starting with kick-lines standing up to the TPF.

The next day, the X-Men discovered and recruited his brother Thor, who defeated him at the New Paltz Wine Festival and took him to his newly-formed Asgard hovering above the Scandes on the border between Norway and Sweden.

Loki Laufeysson

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