Bruce Banner

Sarcastic Genius


Bruce was a child when his father Brian worked on the Manhattan Project. Although his mother Rebecca deeply loved Bruce, who returned her affection, Brian hated their child. An alcoholic, and very, very angry man, Brian was driven by an insane jealousy of Bruce for being an object of Rebecca’s love. Further, Brian believed that his radiation work had altered his DNA and given him a mutant son. Brian abused his son, and eventually murdered Rebecca. After that, Bruce was raised by his aunt and father’s sister, Susan Banner, who understood his great pain and rage over his childhood sufferings thanks to his crazed father, and raised him with love and care as if he were her own child. Bruce, grew up from then on as a highly withdrawn, intellectually gifted youth, in fact, a child prodigy.

With an intellect on par with the famous Tony Stark, Bruce’s doctoral dissertation on the effects of radiation on living cells attracted the attention of the U.S. military, who recruited him to work with the “Super Soldier” serum used to create Captain America. Dr. Banner experimented on how the serum could be used to make people impervious to radiation. The experiments went awry, however, turning Dr. Banner into the Hulk.

Dr. Banner’s whereabouts are currently unknown. He is hunted by the U.S. government.

Bruce Banner

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