Jonathan Silver Cloud




  • Crack Shot
  • Intuitive Inventor
  • Vietnam Veteran

Mutant Inventor

  • d8 Enhanced Senses
  • SFX:Built to Spec. When you activate an opportunity to create a Combat or Tech resource, step up that resource die. If another player gives you 1 PP, their hero may also use this resource.
  • SFX:Technological Intuition. When using Enhanced Senses to create technology-based assets or complications, add a D6 and step up your effect die.
  • SFX:We Can Rebuild Him. When helping robots, synthetics, or cyborgs recover stress, add Enhanced Senses to your dice pool. Spend a doom die to recover your own or another cybernetic or robotic character’s physical stress or step back your own or another cybernetic or robotic character’s physical trauma.
  • Limit:Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complication or tech, step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a d6 doom die.


  • d8 Combat Expert
  • d8 Covert Expert
  • d10 Science Master
  • d10 Tech Master
  • d10 Vehicle Master

Jonathan returned from Vietnam with a heroin addiction and severe PTSD. He lost his arm and leg to a land mine. When he came home to the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana, he intended to take his own life. Logan and Anna Marie Raven arrived to recruit him to the Xavier Institute, but he was passed out when they arrived. Before he woke up, Emma Frost and her Hellions arrived. They defeated the two X-Men in combat, and then took Jonathan with them.

Jonathan Silver Cloud

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