Sean Cassidy




  • International Agent
  • Tragic Romances
  • Mutant Activist

Sonic Scream

  • d8 Subsonic Flight
  • d10 Superhuman Senses
  • d10 Sonic Blast
  • d10 Sonic Mastery
  • d8 Enhanced Durability
  • d8 Mind Control
  • SFX:Area Attack. Against multiple targets add 1D6 for each additional target and keep +1 effect die.
  • SFX:Sonar. Spend a die from the Doom Pool to add Superhuman Senses (or step it up if it is already in your dice pool) and re-roll all dice on a reaction.
  • SFX:Affect the Inner Ear. When inflicting a sonic-based complication on a target add 1D6 to your dice pool and keep +1 effect die
  • SFX:Immunity. Spend a die from the Doom Pool to ignore stress, trauma, or complications from sound-based attacks.
  • SFX:Multipower. Add more than one Sonic Scream power to your pool. Step back each Sonic Scream die in your pool once for each die beyond the first.
  • Limit:Mutant. When affected by mutant-specific complication or tech, step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a d6 doom die.
  • Limit:Exhausted. Shutdown any Sonic Scream power to add a die to the Doom Pool. Activate an opportunity to recover.


  • d8 Acrobatics Expert
  • d8 Combat Expert
  • d8 Covert Expert
  • d8 Crime Expert
  • d8 Psych Expert

Sean Cassidy

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