X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #5

Pain Which Cannot Forget, Part 2

The X-Men start digging into the Hellfire Club that appears to be behind the recent assassination attempt on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Warren Worthington III is a member, but is amazed to think that just a bunch of rich people indulging in excessive hedonism could be behind such a thing. Charles Xavier reveals a startling depth of knowledge about the organization, but he doesn’t know anything about the plot.

The X-Men infiltrate a Hellfire Club party at an old plantation outside the city. Anthony Stark is there. He recognizes Warren, and, quickly realizing what’s happening, warns Warren not to pursue his conspiracy theory any further. Tony gets Warren in to speak with Sebastian who, when alone, feels comfortable revealing the entire plan. Emma uses her telepathy to put troubled, weak-minded men on the trail to assassinate Dr. King. Eventually one of them will succeed. Sebastian notes that while he confined himself to civil rights, they could tolerate Dr. King’s agenda. He became a problem for them a year ago, when he began to broaden that agenda to include things like the war and poverty, stitching them together into a broader view of social injustice which threatened their control. Now that he’s joining Xavier in agitating for mutant rights as well, he absolutely must be stopped.

Warren realizes that the Hellfire Club is run by mutants like Shaw and Frost. He asks why Shaw would develop things like Sentinels that could threaten him, too. Shaw replies that by being the one who creates them, he can ensure that they don’t threaten him. He tells Warren that through the Hellfire Club, mutants have been quietly ruling the world for some time. The right mutants, though. The X-Men’s stunts in Saigon threaten to destabilize that. The Sentinels will help ensure that they’re able to control rogue mutants like them just like they’re able to control everything else.

Warren asks how he can get in on this. Emma catches Kurt Wagner on the balcony at that moment and tries to blast him, as Logan enters on queue through the wall. Logan recognizes that he’s worked for Shaw before. Caught in the moment, Warren chooses to side with Shaw and Frost to prove his loyalty by grabbing Logan, flying out the window, and dropping him outside. As Hellfire guards arrive on the scene, Logan realizes they can’t win and signals a retreat. Terrified by Warren’s betrayal, Jean Grey locks away his memories of the X-Men before fleeing.

That night, Theresa Fox comes to Warren and warns him that he has to leave. He tells him that there is an incident planned to draw them out so that they can showcase the Sentinel’s ability to apprehend the X-Men at 9:00 AM the next morning. At noon, the next assassin will try to kill Dr. King. She tells Warren that the assassination is a White Court plot, with the details known only to Emma Frost, while the Sentinels are a Black Court operation. She tells him that the only way to foil the assassination plot, short- and long-term, lies in Emma’s mind. If Jean can tear it open, she can discover the assassins already in motion and stop them before it’s too late, and discover blackmail material with which to threaten Frost. Warren flies off to get in touch with the other X-Men, who fear that he has turned against him. He convinces them to give him a chance to explain, and brings them the information he got from Tessa. It’s already near sunrise at that point. The X-Men prepare for a busy morning.



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