X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #2

The X Offensive, Part 2

Magneto casually tears Dai Kwong’s body apart to read her magnetic tapes to learn that the mutants from Weapon X are being held in a secret facility in Angkor Krau, over the body in Cambodia. This poses a problem for the X-Men, as Cambodia is technically neutral, and obvious action over the border could spark an international incident. Along the way, they convince Magneto to give them a chance to try a stealthy approach.

Cyclops blasted an entrance into the underground facility away from the rest of the village and proceeded with Mystique to free them and stop the People’s Defense Force’s telepath, Mister Negative, who was attempting to brainwash them to work as Communist operatives. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler, Jean Grey, and Iceman fought off Omega Red and the Bengal.

Outraged by the Weapon X program, the People’s Defense Force, and all of the horrors of the Vietnam War, Magneto decides to overthrow the Republic of Vietnam and expel the foreign armies vying to take control. In its place he will create his mutant state. Victor Creed sides with him, but the rest of Weapon X refuse to. Magneto wraps them in metal, promising to return by tomorrow, by which time his revolution should be complete.

The X-Men tear through the metal trap, where they find Toad and the Scarlet Witch left behind to keep them busy. While Cyclops and Jean rush to Saigon, Nightcrawler sweeps Wanda off her feet and Bobby puts Toad on ice. In Saigon’s ravaged Chinese neighborhood of Cholon, Cyclops and Jean find Sabretooth indulging his psychopathic desires by slaughtering innocent civilians. Cyclops takes him out with a single, overwhelming blast.



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