X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #17

Revelation, Part 1

The X-Men arrive in London, seeking to follow up on the Alliance’s information that their contact there was with someone called Chamber from Clan Akaba. Clan Akaba is one of the ancient conspiracies that Apocalypse has nurtured and controls. However they have little information to follow up on them and stand in Trafalgar square, uncertain what to do next. They resolve to split up and investigate. Wolverine infiltrates the local Hellfire Club branch with some help from Warren Worthington. Bobby Drake looks for records of unusual mutants in the local newspapers. Nightcrawler investigates the local sewers and some mutants believed to live underneath London. Quicksilver begins searching the city at random. And Rogue investigates the local mutant youth scene.

Logan and Bobby learn that Chamber is a mutant whose power burned out his thoracic cavity, leaving him literally hollowed out and kept alive only by his mutant flame power. He is also an aristocrat with an estate outside London. Nightcrawler finds that the sewer mutants have been massacred. A survivor tells him that Chamber and Clan Akaba are responsible. They all meet back up in Trafalgar Square, and Rogue does not join them.

Rogue has met the clan as a young mutant in one of the local mutie bars, and taken them up on the offer to be tested to see if she is a descendent of Apocalypse. They take her back to Chamber’s estate and ask her to disrobe for the test. However when one approaches her with a knife, she rebels and struggles to escape. Anyone not a descendent of Apocalypse will never be allowed to leave alive.

The remaining X-Men arrive at the Starsmore estate just in time to help her and fight off the Clan members. Chamber is there but seems uninterested in fighting. He cares little for anything anymore. The X-Men are preparing to ‘discuss’ things with him when a figure appears out of swirling sand. It is Ozymandius, Apocalypse’s chief servant and herald. He informs the X-Men that he will be happy to arrange an audience if they wish it and disappears again. Chamber warns them that they should not confront Apocalypse on his own terms. They decide to allow him to make up for his crimes and role in the slaughter of the London sewer mutants by helping them against Apocalypse.

Seeking avenues to investigate Apocalypse further, the X-Men learn that the Marauders have appeared in New York City carving out a criminal territory for themselves and coming into conflict with New York’s Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. They appear to be building something down in the sewers and are acting in the name of Mr. Sinister.

At Fisk’s behest and using his information to know where to go, the X-Men descend into New York’s sewers and find the half-constructed headquarters of the Marauders. There they are confronted by the Marauders and fight them. They score an early victory, but then Sabertooth takes out Wolverine and Rogue and Iceman are dropped. Nightcrawler stands alone against the Marauders. Pushing his acrobatics and swordplay to the limit, Kurt gives the fight of his life. Even his teleportation ability becomes burned out from the strain, and he proceeds on pure grit and determination, felling the Marauders one by one until only Sabertooth remains. They tumble together into the sewers, Kurt taunting Sabertooth from the shadows until the enraged mutant stumbles and falls over a drop to be carried away by the swiftly rushing sewer waters. Though Sabertooth’s words right before he falls imply a disturbing fact… that he was in fact infiltrating the Marauders on behalf of the Brotherhood.



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