X-Men: Omega Point

Issue #16

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Part 3

The Black King, Sebastian Shaw, visits Warren, asking him to sell Worthington’s interest in the Sentinel program. He points out that Warren may be CEO, but he still has to answer to the shareholders. The revelation of the Nazi experiments behind the technology might be enough to justify backing out, but not enough to justify losing money on the deal. A furious Warren accuses Shaw of killing his father, but Shaw disclaims responsibility, claiming that it was others within the Hellfire Club’s white court, the one that is supposed to deal with non-mutants, acting to punish the failure. Fuming, Warren agrees to sell out to Shaw. He justifies it that it will be better to use political pressure to shut down the program in the fullness of time, allowing Shaw Industries to be ones holding the bag at the program’s cancellation.

When Wakanda decided to open its borders to black nationalists from the United States, making a notable exception to its normal policy of isolationism, a rebel group called the Revolutionary People‚Äôs Front of Wakanda, led by N’Jadaka, used it and widespread contempt for African-Americans across Africa generally and Wakanda specifically to fuel his insurrection. Fearful that Ororo Munroe’s interest could bring her and other mutants to the country, N’Jadaka hired a group of mutant mercenaries called the Alliance to act as his personal bodyguards.

With Ororo’s help, Rogue, Warren, Logan, and Hank were brought to Wakanda by its king, T’Challa. Their own interest is to rescue Nightcrawler, who was captured by the Alliance when he attempted to investigate them for their connection the Apocalypse. As they arrive and begin the battle, Wolverine rescues Kurt and finds him help by a mutant restraint collar. The technology that Beast invented is already seeing widespread usage.

The X-Mens’s attack helped balance the scales against the Alliance, allowing the Wakandan military to attack the rebel camp. T’Challa engaged N’Jadaka personally, but the rebel leader defeated him, throwing him over Serpent Falls. Having defeated the Alliance, the X-Men attacked N’Jadaka. He speared Angel in the air handily. Ororo rose up in the sky, carrying T’Challa’s unconscious body. The remaining X-Men pressed N’Jadaka, forcing him to dive from the falls to save his life. Without their leader, the Wakandan military destroyed the rebels.

In the aftermath of the battle, Ororo agreed to join X-Factor. The X-Men spoke with Kurt Wagner, who’d been captured by the Alliance when he’d come following up on Mystique’s information. The Alliance was organized by a mutant called “Chamber” in London. “Chamber” is associated with Clan Akkaba, a group dedicated to the service of Apocalypse. Through the Hellfire Club on one side and Mister Sinister on the other, and the Alliance in Wakanda when all else failed, Apocalypse stoked the flames of conflict for its own sake. Apocalypse has lurked behind most of the threats they’ve faced, a shadowy presence constantly driving the world towards turmoil and strife. The X-Men and the Mutant Brotherhood agree to unite against the greater threat.



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